Many of us spend a lot more time indoors than we did before 2020, so you may be thinking of giving your home a little update. While the general rule of thumb for interior design is to go with what you like, there’s nothing wrong with taking inspiration from the hottest interior trends to keep your space looking and feeling fresh.

We’ve taken to Google to uncover the most sought-after interior design trends that will dominate the year ahead, whether you want to give your rental a temporary update or add a breath of fresh air to your new forever home.

Japandi design, a fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian design that incorporates neutral colour palettes and soft textures to create a calming environment, has seen a 1217% increase in searches over 12 months.


This is a very minimalist style that is functional, yet simple. You’ll want to incorporate natural textures with bright, open spaces and lean more toward neutral tones. Combine this with more rustic and Japanese-style elements to create a unique, clean fusion.

Maximalism will also reign this year, with a 112% increase in searches. Bold and eclectic style often includes bold colours, lots of texture, accessories, and wall art.


The results also show interior design trends lean more towards those popularized by Generation Z and social media aesthetics, with cottagecore and dark academicism both seeing strong increases in Google searches: searches for cottagecore are up 132%, while dark academics are up a whopping 405%.


Image :  w_moim_malutkim_domu

The grandmillennial trend, with a 217% increase in searches, is another hugely popular style on social media, with the hashtag #grandmillennial TikTok boasting 6.3 million followers, and in which videos of the younger generation incorporating colours and patterns that, back in the day, were strictly associated with grandparents’ homes. 

Main Image : SublimeAlicante