Sublime is an interior design studio and real estate agency with a portfolio of projects and properties at the higher end of the market.

Our interior design projects aim at a result that fully complies with your wishes and within your budget. We try to create a warm atmosphere in a harmonious environment through the combinations of simplicity balanced with special elements such as a unique piece of furniture, a wall with remarkable wallpaper or special decorative items.

For our interior design projects, we work with suppliers from many different countries both in and outside of Europe to achieve the optimal result for our clients, and to make their dream come true.

To find your dream homes we collaborate with several real estate agencies and if we can’t offer what you are looking for, we can assist you in your search process.

We can work with our clients in five different languages so that each one can express their needs and desires as precisely as possible. Our aim is to offer the best solution for you by using this unique mix of concepts.

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