And so… our trend prediction post. So digging through our saved folders on Instagram and Pinterest, browsing portfolios of our designers and vendors, we managed to connect the dots of trends to see if there are any that might work in your projects. This year can be one of the most fun because of the variety of styles and the general playful nature. I think we all agree that this year we will have as much fun as we can. For the trends!

Colored Dining Tables

We all have many fun memories of sitting at the dinner table. You know, how to negotiate with our parents, how many green beans I had to eat before I could get up from the table (we often settle for three). But despite all the happy memories, having a colourful dining table wasn’t one of them and after seeing these photos I wish it had been.

diseño mariona espinet y román sarrió | foto eugeni pons

We have all seen poorly painted tables, but this is not that. This one is prettier (and higher quality). Adding a brightly colored dining table to an otherwise neutral dining room feels like a breath of fresh air. It says “I’m old, but I know how to have fun still”. I think that should be everyone’s goal… unless you have zero intention of wanting to have (boring) fun.

Extra Long Ceiling Lamps

There is nothing we love more than a beautiful, chic and relatively impractical design option/trend. Welcome to the “Extra Long Ceiling Lamps” part of this design program. When we first saw these lights upstairs, we immediately said to ourselves, “How can I get one?!” Those might be able to be adjusted so they stand up for when people are on top.

We see this often, right? Designers take normal decor pieces and play with proportions. We think it’s a lot of fun because reinventing the wheel is so hard to do. So if you come to our studio and trip over a ceiling lamp, I’m sorry in advance 🙂


Mushrooms aren’t just for babies and Gen Z (although they love them, too). We have loved mushroom motifs in design for a long time. They add whimsy and are super fun. That’s obvious when you look at the room above. Somehow this stool is both elegant and playful. The dream.

Gen Z, in general, is sweeping the category of quirks and games. So decorating with mushrooms makes a LOT of sense. I guess we’ll see if they eventually trade them for more neutral options in the future.

Wrought Iron Elegance

Esta nos toca de cerca porque nos hemos enamorado mucho de esta tendencia.  De todos modos, mientras que la tendencia es todas las cosas de hierro forjado (pero simple y más en el lado orgánico). Mira esta belleza de abajo.

This touches us closely because we have fallen in love with this trend. Anyway, while the trend is all things wrought iron (but simple and more on the organic side). Look at these beauties above.

This is not your parent’s decorative wrought iron sculpture (sorry mom and dad). This is the traditional, yet a special sculptural moment that really makes a statement. Think how impressive that tall candle holder would look.

High-end designers have embraced this trend.

As for the furniture, the “iron wave” is very fashionable. Everyone from Athena Calderone to Nate and Jeremiah (no last names needed) to Nicholas Obeid and Tali Roth, to name just a few. So the next time you’re out vintage shopping, keep your eyes peeled.

Medium Tone Wood (and Reddish)

After years of light Scandinavian woods, we are delighted that there is a shift towards not only darker woods but even more reddish tones. I think like everything there is a point of saturation and while white oak and the like fit very well in certain homes, this change expands the options and allows for deeper tones in the home if desired.

While the retro mid-century look is having a moment, we’re seeing a return of more orange teak like the table above. It has a bold warmth that can help offset light tones (like the ground). And there is a rebellion that says “I’m still in the middle of the century”, which we support.

We love all good quality wood (we prefer the less shiny), so it’s nice to see more reds and warm tones gracing our internets.

Although the years of white oak and ash aren’t over, we’re excited to see more wood grain joining the table (wink).

Mini Wall Shelves

This is a case of the power of repetition. Is it a gallery wall or an art installation? Either way, it elevates or gives a lot of attention to the object it’s holding and we like this intentional eye catcher. It adds so much more dimension than a gallery wall, but still with a looseness that allows for creative freedom.

There’s something really simple, yet powerful, about putting the same object on the same shelf over and over again, or the hell of strange objects on different shelves. I guess the audacity to punch through walls so many times makes us uncomfortable in a really good way. Respect.