A small space does not necessarily mean that it has to be narrow. Perhaps there is not enough light, the furniture does not fit well, the layout is not right? How to make a small room seem more spacious? With clever use of colour, furniture placement, space planning, and lighting, your small space can appear as large as you need it to be. Today I wanted to share 9 simple tips that can help your living room look bigger.

Rethink the TV console

Repensar la consola del televisor

Large and bulky supports should go. Smaller, slimmer styles are much better these days. Hide the cords, mount the TV on the wall if you can, or build some shelving to create a more elegant look. Get rid of speakers and gadgets.


Decoracion Sidi II/ 8, Alicante

Mirrors can make any room appear larger and brighter. Let them reflect light from a window and it will bounce around the room making the space appear larger than it really is. The mirror will not only reflect light, it will also create the illusion of depth and height in the room.

Light coloured paint

9 Maneras de Hacer que tu Salón Parezca más Grande

Paint everything one colour. Baseboards, ceilings and walls must be perfectly integrated. It will make you think about where the wall starts and ends. Light colours will reflect the light that enters the room, making it appear larger and brighter.

Less furniture, but bigger

Menos muebles, pero más grandes

Image : greta hollar

Instead of having a 3 seater sofa, 2 singles and a coffee table, consider replacing the sofa with a chaise lounge in a larger frame. The single largest piece is less bulky (and less thought about rearranging).

Works of art to the ceiling

Obras de arte hasta el techo

Image : Bloglovin’

Go to the ceiling with the works of art. Take everything to the top. It draws the eye up and makes the room appear taller.

Add legs to your furniture

Añade patas a tus muebles

Get your furniture off the ground. Fewer bean bags and floor cushions, but more tall pieces.

Clear without rest

Decoracion Sidi II/ 8, Alicante

Less, less, less… Keep trinkets and bullet points to a minimum, and leave some blank negative space. There is nothing that makes a small space feel more cramped than having too much stuff. Keep the floor as bare as possible, with objects tidy and out of sight the space will feel more open.

Light coloured furniture

Decoracion Sidi II/ 1, Alicante

If you’re looking for a new sofa, choose a light-coloured one to fit a smaller space. It blends best with light walls and the flow will feel uninterrupted.

Do you have a living room that you need to make look bigger? Come talk to us and we will help you.