To be such an integral part of our homes, lighting is often not talked about in the same way as décor or other fundamental elements of a room, and in some cases, completely neglected. The fixtures that a home or apartment comes with may be enough, but it’s hard to argue that a stylish pendant or large format light to match the theme can’t beat the infamous recessed ceiling lights or basic lights that are found in most homes.

Lighting trends are brighter than ever and there’s something for everyone and every room, from bold, eye-catching oversized lights to subtle lamps and bulbs that gently envelop the room in light. Below we show you how we visualize these trends and the keys to incorporating them into your own space.

Size and focus

Sublime, interiorismo & inmobiliaria - San Juan, Alicante

Lighting is a sure way to make a space feel new. A fun way to do it would be to add an oversized chandelier. This is a great and affordable refresher for a room or entryway that guests will notice right away.

This also speaks to the fact that chandeliers are no longer just reserved for dining rooms or hanging in the hall: they can fit into a wide variety of settings. It’s just a matter of choosing a suitable selection.

Unexpected combinations

Sublime, interiorismo & inmobiliaria - San Juan, Alicante

Some styles, no matter how different they are, are a harmonious combination when combined. As an example the creation of more timeless silhouettes with modern finishes and materials when it comes to lighting trends. This is even a great solution for indecisive decorators who cannot choose between two (or more) looks.

We love the idea of taking an old world design element, like a chandelier, and modernizing it, in the way seen here in this wood beaded chandelier. It’s the perfect contrast between traditional and modern, creating a unique twist on a classic.

Linear lighting

Long lines and simplified silhouettes will replace more intricate and complicated designs in the new year. Although ornate chandeliers and more edgy options still have their place, this stripped-down look is a refreshing change that many may be looking for.

Linear lamps have a more contemporary design and also offer the perfect scale for dining rooms with rectangular tables or kitchen islands with a pendant light. Additionally, linear lights provide a more fluid look, requiring a single lighting fixture to complete a space.

Fun little touches

Sublime, interiorismo & inmobiliaria - San Juan, Alicante

Unique and fun finishes are very popular in terms of lighting. My personal favourite style is metal, be it bronze, gold or nickel – it adds a classy yet industrial component to the room. Having fun with light bulbs is a great way to change the look of your fixture.

Spiral filament, flame tip or even coloured bulbs are a fun way to bring light fixtures to life that you may not want to completely replace. It is also a fantastic solution for adapting the same lamp or chandelier to the theme of different rooms.

Subtle and soft lighting

Sublime, interiorismo & inmobiliaria - San Juan, Alicante

At one end of the spectrum are flashy lamps, but at the other are soft lamps that blend into a room, diffusing subtle light that still makes a drastic difference to the ambience and overall look.

Lights that “blend” into spaces will reign supreme. Light, open and airy is how we want to live now, and having a great lamp is the way to do it, but one that almost disappears into the space to make way for other elements. of important design, such as art or textiles.